Immunisation Updates

The Department of Health Green Book on immunisations suggests that anyone giving immunisations should have appropriate training.

It refers to the Health Protection Agency National Minimum Standards for Immunisation Training.

Sunny Blue Sky provides the 1 day annual update as described in the HPA Core Curriculum. Anaphylaxis is covered, and a CPR refresher is available for those who wish to participate.

The need for an annual update to the Health Protection Agency syllabus is reinforced in the Faculty of Occupational Medicine's "Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Services" (SEQOHS).

SEQOHS Standard D3.2

An OH service must ensure that staff who advise on or give immunisations are clinically competent according to the national minimum standards for immunisation training.

Examples of suitable evidence:
"…training against a policy or protocol for vaccine management which addresses: receiving vaccines, maintaining correct temperatures of stored vaccines, handling vaccines during immunisation sessions, disposal of vaccines, actions in the event of an interruption of the cold chain, disposal of vaccines and the treatment of anaphylaxis."

Computer Workstations

For visual information on Computer Workstations set up, including posture, layout and exercises.

With thanks to the Osmond Group for putting it there. These are good, reliable people who supply equipment and advice on workstation ergonomics. Their website is

Also helpful are the people at Posturite.

For chairs, visit Advanced Seating Designs. They have some good A4 posters on posture.

If you need to advise someone to reduce mouse use at the computer they may find this list of shortcuts useful.

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Mental Wellbeing at Work

A good introduction to this subject can be found on the Health and Safety Executive website, on work related stress.

For a manager's guide to managing and supporting people with mental health problems in the workplace, have a look at this Line Manager's resource.

If you are a manager, you might like to check if your management style is effective at preventing and reducing stress in your staff. Line Manager Competency Indicator

BOHRF has produced guidelines on several aspects of mental health;

From the Canadian parent company of Canada Life Insurance. Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace

Try the Workplace Mental Health Quiz.

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Occupational Dermatitis and Urticaria 2010 guidance

BOHRF has issued guidance to;

There has recently been completed a study on prognostic factors for occupational contact dermatitis.

Some useful education information from Debgroup here and here

This is a nice animated video clip

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Latex Allergy

NHS Plus/Occupational Health Clinical Effectiveness Unit (OHCEU)

Occupational Aspects of Managements: leaflet for;

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Back Pain

NICE Guidance on Back Pain

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Occupational Asthma

Updated BOHRF Guidance 2010 for;

Additionally, the lead author of the ACOEM report provides Web-Based Spirometry Training.

A good general website on OA is

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Managing Sickness Absence


CIPD advice on absence management


IOSH OH Toolkit

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Positive Thinking and Business

For my accountancy needs, I use Kashflow, which creates all my invoices and helps me keep a track of receipts and expenditure. I can access and update my records from any computer in the world. To find out more and get a free 60 day trial and reduced subscrption, click here:

Free accounting software

Many of the sites below have free "ezines" you can sign up for, to have inspiration delivered to your inbox.

Michael Heppell has written a few books on Being Brillliant and also Flip It!

Jeffrey Gitomer is the master of YES! Attitude

Robin Sieger is a softly spoken Scot who has written books and has a CD on overcoming anxiety.

Jim Rohn provides guidance on changing your personsal philiosophy, if you current philosophy is not getting you where you want to be.

Napoleon Hill has been inspirational since 1937 when "Think and Grow Rich" was published. The Foundation has as its mission " To make the world a better place in which to live".

Who can argue with that?

“Good health is good business.”